Pine & Dine Sky Bar

Reaching the clouds, Pine & Dine Sky Bar on the 14th floor of Bendecir Hotels & Travel is one of the best ways to end a long day in Hanoi. There are many rooftop bars and restaurants in the city, but Pine & Dine Sky Bar is always one of the most favorite destinations.
The entire top of the building is occupied by Pine & Dine Sky Bar which makes a special impression of being on a spaceship in the sky. With a unique design, Bendecir Bar will bring a totally different experience with a panorama overviewing Hanoi Old Quarter, Red river, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the maze streets. You can sip a hand-crafted cocktail or local beer and enjoy a breathtaking view of a truly Hanoi atmosphere. You'd better not be afraid of height as Hanoi will be right below your feet from the moment you step outside.

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